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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you level the house? We determine the highest point of the house with an elevation tool, then bring up the rest of the house to the same height. This is the same method used by your home installer to achieve a truly level plane.

Why would I get my home leveled? Homes should be leveled if and when doors and/or windows are difficult to operate, prior to installing new skirting, windows, or doors, or prior to placing the house on the market for sale. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

How long does it normally take? It usually takes one day, depending on access and other variables. Each house has its own set of variables.

FHA/VA/RD/USDA Foundation Retrofits

What is a retrofit anyway? For the manufactured home industry, it mostly applies to the foundation being brought up to a certain standards, mainly to withstand 80MPH cross-winds or higher.

Why would I need one? Mostly so the house will qualify for certain types of loans (FHA/VA/RD/USDA) if it's not already compliant. Some homeowners will want it for peace of mind knowing they have a compliant foundation. Plus, it's a permanent asset to your property.

Other Services Offered

Concrete Footers Prevent settling, especially around the perimeter (most recommended under perimeter piers or other high moisture areas)

Block Bonding Block bonding (also called mortaring) is often required to meet certain underwriting guidelines or to satisfy owner desires. Construction adhesive is used and is widely acceptable to join blocks in each pier together permanently.

Raising or Lowering We can raise or lower your manufactured home for many reasons, mostly flood zone related. Cost depends on accessability, existing attachments, amount lifted/dropped, etc.

Skirting Replacement Complete replacement available (sorry, no repairs or partials)

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